Hello 2017!

Once again, it’s the first day of the new year. I am pretty reluctant to make new year resolutions because it hardly worked out after 1 week. Moreover, I would have totally forgotten about the resolutions in February. However, there are some things that I really want to try out this year and here’s the list.

1. I am giving myself the challenge of not buying anything new for 200 days, starting 1 Jan 2017.

Sometimes end last year, I realised that I have been spending money unnecessarily and somehow accumulated too many things at home. So much so that, as and when I am packing, I managed to find some gift for myself. Moreover, I am kind of interested in the topic on “consumerism”. So, why not test it out?

The only exception to buying things would be when I am travelling. However, it’s only when I am buying useful, practical things as a form of replacement for old items.

I am going to document down this journey, and of course, I will try my best to really not buy anything new if possible.

2. Tracking my expenses and food intake.

3. Cutting down on the amount of time I used my social media accounts.

The above 2 points are self-explanatory. That’s all I have for this year!

All is well!

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Just a Reflection

Well… I am just in the mood for a short reflection. I kind of caught the wanderlust bug right now. I am going for a trip again next week. This time round I am going to Tokyo, Japan for just 4 days. It’s a really short trip but I am going to make full use of this opportunity.

This year, I went overseas for 7 times. I covered Hong Kong, Hua Hin, Bangkok (2 times), Denver, New York, Penang, Seoul and lastly Tokyo. I went with different groups of people and got to experience whole new experiences. I went have my first ever solo trip, and it was to the States!

At this point of time, where I think back on all the places I visit, I couldn’t be more thankful for the chances to fly and visit those beautiful places. I felt like I covered a lot of land at this age. I am not going to stop travelling because I just love to put myself in a foreign land and have my senses triggered.

Also due to the fact that I have been travelling quite a bit this year, I got pretty used to the scenery in the airport, and I kind of love going to the airport because it means I am embarking on another adventure again. I do look forward to returning home too, because I can sleep in my own bed!

However, there is this one particular night where I returned back from my trip. I felt a tinge of emptiness. It was in the wee morning and it was raining. There were cars on the street, however, I couldn’t feel a single soul. There was a sense of loneliness. The taxi driver was doing his job. I was just looking at the raindrops creating art on the glass panels. Ever since I touched down, other than the usual goodbyes, everyone else was just doing their thing without emotions. I was affected by the cold vibe and the first time ever, Singapore didn’t feel like home. It got me thinking, maybe our country would need some warmth. The only warmth that night was seeing my mother waiting for my arrival in the living room of my house. I was contented, yet still feeling slightly down from the emptiness. I went off to sleep with these emotions.

Travel did teach me 1 lesson about cultural difference. We have been striving for too many materials, that we have lost touch with the people around you. Sometimes, it would cost you your emotions too. I wonder would there be a day when we start to really measure our happiness or contentment in life.

Oh well… that’s all of my blabberings tonight. All is well!


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Malaysia-logue: 4 days in Penang with $386.50

It’s my usual habit to be flying out of town on my birthday. Normally, I would love to go to Hong Kong. However, I had been there earlier this year. Hence, I had no idea where to go this September. Nothing was planned until the very last week. We were deciding between Bali and Penang. In the end, we decided to go to Penang because I didn’t want to spend too much. Moreover, the exchange rate is really good now.

Before I continue… Each of us spent only $386.50 dollars (SGD) for 4 days 3 nights in Penang. That include air ticket, accommodation, massage and shopping! Yes, you will still have enough money for massage and shopping! 

I planned this getaway pretty last minute. I was hoping that the prices will be low too. I went to the airline and hotel website and compared it with the bundles’ deals in Skyscanner and Zuji. Zuji provided the most value for money bundle out of all because there’s a discount at that point of time too.

Price of Air ticket + Accommodation + Taxes for 2 people = SGD 492

Hence, 1 person only need to pay for $246 for a round trip air ticket via TigerAir, without any add-ons and accommodations at Hotel Neo+ in Penang. The hotel is pretty new, and the room is good enough for 4 days 3 nights. It’s clean and has all the amenity which include a gym and a rooftop mini pool.

Hello Penang!

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This is the view from the hotel room. Not bad, right? You see the tall building over there? That’s Komtar. It’s a mall.

As this trip was planned at the very last minute, I have no itinerary. The purpose of this trip is to chill and enjoy a short break away from work and the busy life in Singapore. Well… I did have 2 main goals in Penang too, which was to see those murals and have a bowl of delicious old school Chendol!

Catching murals today #🐱🦄😊

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But first… let me fix my hair. 💁🏻

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Meow #🐱🦄😊

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It’s burning hot in Penang. Not complaining, because the sun makes good photos opportunity. These were some of my favourite murals.

Best part of catching all these murals?! IT’S FREE! ZERO DOLLAR SPEND!

Drinking tea and chillaxing at the top at Penang Hill 🍹 #🐱🦄😊

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Other than catching murals, I did go to the top of Penang Hill as well. I spent 60RM (SGD 20) for the express lane. It’s slightly pricey but I can’t be bothered to queue to get up the hill. If you have the time and patience, it is cheaper to opt for the normal lane.

Honestly speaking, there’s nothing special on top of the Penang Hill. It’s quite small. I spent 20RM (SGD 7) for that glass of ice lemon tea. It’s rather expensive. Oh well… there’s a need for it. What can I do?

Assorted special sushi! I would say not bad! 😋

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Penang Prawn Noodle! Only at 6RM! 😋

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When you are in Penang, you have to eat all the street food. That’s where you find the true blue delicacies in Penang. Do it the local way. Well… because Penang is near the sea, their seafood is pretty fresh and value for money too. Street food in Penang is affordable as well. You can safely help yourself to a second serving if a bowl of Prawn Noodle is not enough. Honestly, see that chicken skew, that’s the best item I had in Penang. The meat and vegetables were so fresh and juicy! It’s only 8RM (SGD 3!!!) for 2 sticks! TELL ME ABOUT IT!

I guessed checking out the art scene has become part of my travel routine. 🎨🎭🙃

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How can I miss out the cafe scene in Penang? After all, I am a caffeine addict. I did enjoy a cup of coffee near my hotel as well. It’s 13RM (SGD 5) for that glass of Ice latte. Sadly, there’s nothing special about it. The only good thing about the cafe was that it’s located near an “art scene”; pretty hipster. Nice place to take photos too.

I think I have OCD. 😬

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I think I have OCD.

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These were the main attractions that I went to during the 4 days 3 nights trip. When the weather got too hot, I would be in either the hotel room for a short break or the shopping mall. I went for a massage and caught the movie “Stocks” in Penang too. I was at 1st Avenue mall for both the activities. The cinema was really good. The seat was spacious and comfy. Each ticket is 19 RM (SGD 7). It’s so worth every single penny.

Here’s a breakdown of the expenditure in Penang:

  • 1 Sim Card (2GB): 36RM
  • Transport for 2 people: 103 RM (including taking taxis).
  • Food and Beverage for 2 people: 231 RM
  • Massage for 2 people: 176 RM (Thai Therapy for 1.5 hours)
  • Movie for 2: 38 RM
  • Souvenirs: 27.50 RM
  • Shopping: 233 RM (1 dress + 2 tops)

In total, my mum and I spent 844.50 RM, which is SGD 281.50. If I were to split equally, each of us spent SGD 140.75 in Penang. In total, each of us spent SGD 386.5o for the entire trip.

Honestly speaking, we splurged quite an amount because we went for massage, movies and shopping. We could have saved on that. On top of that, I could have saved on the sim card and rely on the hotel’s free wifi. Nevertheless, I am happy that we managed to spend within budget.

I hope that this post will give you a good insight of both Penang and the spendings required. It’s a good place for budget travelling. I believed you could even spend lesser than me.

On a side note…. please remember to bring your sunblock if you are going to Penang!

That’s all! All is well.

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